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Beef & Offal a company engaged in processing and manufacturing cooled and/or frozen beef cuts and offal comes into existence.
Beef & Offal. widely complies with international export rules, since it works with production plants fitted with leading technology operating technically advanced slaughter, de-boning, shelf-ready retail and packing facilities.
A fully equipped plant laboratory devoted to thorough product analysis and control ensures the production of highly trustworthy food, in accordance with health standards.

We put special emphasis on sanitary care following all the regulations so as to obtain a healthy and natural final product. We can ensure that we have access to a plentiful supply of top quality animals that can be matched with the requirements of our customers all year round.
This devotion to quality is maintained throughout all stages of production and distribution enhancing our reputation as a highly competitive, quality food exporter with an export capacity of 2.000 tons per month. The meat and offal is basically destined for Africa, Rusia, South Asia, and the local market.

We have been supplying fresh vacuum packed and frozen meat and offal products of the highest quality to worldwide for more than 15 years. The plant elaborates different types of cuts so as to satisfy the final marketĀ“s needs. Our company philosophy is to develop long term business and not just spot ones. We trade different meat and offal products including:
Raw products
Cooked products
Scalded products